Is Tyrion Lannister Actually A Targaryen? Well, There Are Many Clues That Suggest So

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1:39 pm 5 May, 2016


The second episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 that was aired on April 30 has once again rise to many theories as to what all might happen in the coming episodes.

One of the theories that was least looked at was the one about Tyrion Lannister, and how he might actually be a Targaryen.





In the past, too many fans have been contemplating this theory, based on many things that have been written about Tyrion in the Game of Thrones books.

Looking at the fact that in April 30 episode Tyrion was able to tame a dragon and even tell him a story about his childhood, many are now once again contemplating if that might be the next biggest twist in the series.




They believe that Tyrion could be a illegitimate child of the ‘Mad King’ Aerys Targaryen and Tyrion’s mother Joanna Lannister.

The books too have mentioned that the Mad King liked Joanna and that the two spent a lot of time together. The book also says that there were even rumours that Joanna was his mistress.


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While in the books Tyrion has many times portrayed traits that are more Targaryen than Lannister, in episode 2, Tyrion finally admitted that on his name day he wanted a dragon and people laughed at him.

We must also not forget how Tywin Lannister who hated Tyrion time and again told the latter that he was “no son of his” and maybe Joanna dying giving birth to him might not be the only reason.



Here are more on why many think the imp is related to Daenerys:



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