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10:00 am 8 Aug, 2015

After the success of Flipkart, Freecharge and a whole host of start ups, everyone with even a little bit of risk appetite is trying to start a business of their own. That angel investors and foreign funding is available for those who ask, is just the topping on the cake.

This new Start Up boom India mostly needs. At the same time, patterns are emerging as to the kind of businesses most people are getting into. As with post colonial economics, most businesses focus on economic benefit instead of real need.

Here is a list of types of Starter Up-pers we see in the current Indian scenario!

1. The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is out to create a legacy. Often starting out from scratch, they are pioneers not only of their own business, but often of an entire industry. Passion drives them more than profit, but they do have a sense of economics.


Start up-pers

BPOs à Disposable Income with Youth à Booming Party Scene in India deccanchronicle

2. The Businessperson

The businessperson is out for money. The business is only one way of doing it. With a risk appetite lower than the entrepreneur, the businessperson goes into tried and tested industries with low entry barriers and lesser incubation periods.


Start up-pers

Bhai nava dukaan opening che! Please aavijo! livemint

3. The Problem Solver

This person has either faced a specific service/product issue or has seen someone else face it. They start out on their own because they do not see anyone else providing the solutions they are looking for or see the need for.


Start up-pers

The Tatas, a Parsi family from Luxembourg, got into infrastructure business in India because they saw no one else having the capacity to get into it. indianautoblog

4. The Aggregator

These are the people who simply tell you all that is available. Yet, this is big online business today. An aggregator is like Book My Show who simply creates a single platform for a specific service. From marriage service aggregators to baby products and even funerals, it is a fairly definitive niche the smart businessperson is tapping into.


Start up-pers

An office space aggregator from Mumbai – MyCuteOffice. thetechbulleting

5. The Social Enthusiast

These are the ones who want to work with communities, online and offline. No, do not think NGOs, think of the Poetry Clubs, Reading Groups, Comic Conventions, Food Trails, Travel Togethers, etc.!



The Hive – a few people got together to start an art and performance art space in Mumbai. liveinstyle

6. The Original

These are people who want to be original and innovative. They just don’t want to start a business, they want to be part of history. And we know you can’t be that if you are just following in someone else’s footsteps.


Start up-pers

Original is good. But there is a limit to how far off into weird you go. tellychakkar

7. The Patriotic

These are those for whom the country comes before their career. They want to promote their country abroad and within. They have the advantage of home ground and the disadvantage of over-familiarity. From arts & crafts, to clothes, to food, to music, to travel, these folks have a lot to play with and even more to talk about.



This picture – Because India lives in its own rejection or in its far past. shutterstock

8. The Billion Dreamer

The next Zuckerberg-Ambani-Branson child, this person wants to be in business because he/she knows a job can only take you so far. Unfortunately for them, big businesses are a product of generations worth of efforts and the few exceptions we have as part of our popular memory are not the rule.


Start up-pers

Today I have a gold shirt. Tomorrow I will wash it with diamond detergent. bornrich

9. The Wannabe

This person wants the tag of Entrepreneur. And possibly lots of cars, mates and interviews. Not to mention celebrity status and a possible Reality Show judge invite. This person just wants.


Start up-pers

Sundar si, biwi ho! Hum bhi honge unnke jaise! Mujhe mil jo jaaye thoda Paisa… indianexpress

10. The Unemployable

This is the person who is too lazy to get a few dozen degrees required to get a job. Neither does he/she have formal training, nor any contacts or networks. The only option they have left is to start out on their own.


Start up-pers

But if no Laal Batti, then Kirana Dukaan or Hajaampatti! quora


Start ups in India are not a new thing. Yet, this media driven craze in the last few years, makes it seem like it is the coolest newest thing. Even then, the idea of a start up is getting an unintentionally skewed online focus. As is, here is a big best of luck to everyone who has the guts to start out on their own without a formal structure of support!


Do let us know if there is a type of Start Up-per we have missed!


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