12 Types Of Female Shoppers You Will Find In Every Sale

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10:00 am 26 Feb, 2016

Watching others shop is always fun when everyone is making a line to enter the shop and grab that one ‘discounted product’. So here are the different types of shoppers you will always find in every sale.


1. The ‘I want everything’ lady

In the whole sale season, you will be able to spot that one lady who wants everything around her.


2. The ‘trial room hoggers’

You can spot that gang of ladies who will keep trying dozen of dresses from every counter and will land up not purchasing a single piece.


3. The ‘not interested’ shoppers

This lady intentionally walks inside to not buying anything. She never intended to buy anything and will walk out examining everything there.


4. The typical aunty group

This typical aunty group moves together. They are never satisfied with the collection of products displayed and will always want the shopkeeper to show something more.


5. The baby caretakers

People who take their kids to sales are really sick. While they’re busy hunting for that one product for themselves, there’ll be a person busy taking care of her kids and doing nothing else.


6. The showoffs

This particular woman come expensively dressed and will possess all the sophistication. She wants to glance at the most expensive sari in the shop and then walk away disinterested.


7. The attempted shoplifters

C’mon people! Every shop has a CCTV camera and there is no chance of getting away with their goods for free. There is always a person who wants to grab products and fly away.


8. The irritated lady

She is the most irritated lady on the earth and no goods, no product, no cosmetic is good for her. She regrets coming to a sale every time.


9. The planned shopper

She is a girl who knows what she wants to purchase. She goes to the proper store, picks up what she wants and move out of the store silently.


10. The unplanned-but-interested shopper

This unplanned group of woman walks inside and gets their hands on everything and anything that seems to be good enough.


11. The discount seekers

Even though it is the sale season going on, this discount seeker will always want some more discount on the product.


12. The ‘shopping is my aim’ type

This group won’t mind shopping for the next 10 hours because all they know is shopping is their aim. With smiles on their faces, they carry the task of shopping with ease.


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