16 Types Of People You Meet On A Bus Journey

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6:00 pm 8 Jun, 2015

Travelling by bus allows you to meet numerous kinds of people. If you are a frequent bus traveller, you would realise there are certain type of people that you come across quite often on a bus journey.

1. The bulky traveller.

Travelling with loads of luggage, a bulky traveller’s ‘boris’ and ‘jholas’ conquer the most of the space provided for luggage. You can find them struggling with their bags and unknowingly disturbing other passengers.


2. The busy personality.

Love talking loudly on their phones in public, these busy personalities can be easily spotted glued to their phones. From ‘Haa sirji kaam ho jaega’ to ‘Kaise hai mamaji’, they will discuss everything loudly on their phones while other passengers wish for their phone’s battery to run out.


Bus journey

3. The grumbler.

He will complain about everything, from the hot weather to traffic jams. Most of their blames have a common statement: ‘Sb Sarkar ki galti hai.’


Bus journey

4. The attractive character.

An eye-catching ‘chora’/’chori’ whom you like automatically from the moment you see them in the not-so- attractive scenery. You always want to start an impressive chat with them but manage to do so only in your head.


Bus journey

5. The family man.

An ideal family with an over-caring mom, a quiet dad and two fighting siblings. In their presence dialogues like ‘shant baitho’ and ‘ladai mat kro’ can be heard all over the bus.


6. The wannabe driver.

A guy who keeps on shouting either “Driver marwaega” or “Isse tez toh hum walk krte hai” can be found on every bus. Their non-stop commentary on the driving not only annoys the driver but also irritates the passengers.


Bus journey

7. The couple.

A romantic mostly young couple who love to show their love in public by using words like ‘babu’ and ‘shona’ for their counterparts.


Bus journey

8. The evil baby.

They somehow manage to cry loudly for two straight hours for no apparent reasons and make us question the entire concept that babies are supposed to be cute.


Bus journey

9. The spinner of yarns.

A guy with great story telling skills who manages to interest a comparatively large group of people in his stories just by saying “ek baar hum kahin jaa rhe the…”


Bus journey

10. Window seat freak.

Their hobbies include watching out from the window and they are very passionate about their hobby. They must have the window seat or they won’t travel in that bus.


Bus journey

11. The eater.

They would eat everything they can get their hands on, not only the supplies they bring from home but also the puri, chola, jalebi, kachauri and anything else that they may encounter on their journey. For a moment, we all lose our faith in humanity when we wish that they may eat the evil baby.


Bus journey

12. The music lover.

Chilled out person in corner seat with their big headphones, only they know if they are listening to Shakira or ‘sheela.’


13. The virgin.

It’s their first time travelling in bus and they are freaked out about missing their stop. Questions like,” Kahan pahuche hai” and “Kitne der mein pahuchenge”, can be frequently heard in their conversations.


Bus journey

14. The nap devotee.

They love to nap and can sleep like a baby (a cute one of course) ignoring all the noises from the surrounding. They often wake up confused asking ‘kahan pahuche bhaisaheb.’


15. The helper.

Loves to help others with their luggage, their favourite dialogue is,”Laiye main pakad leta hun.”


Bus journey

16. The adjuster.

They believe the two seats in your bus are actually made for three people. They would often reach out to you saying, ”Bhai thoda adjust krlo.”



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