10 Types Of People In The College Canteen

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10:00 am 2 Jul, 2015

College canteen is undeniably bhagwan ki den. It is literally the most sought after hangout place in the campus, and thus, also the busiest. Majority of our awesome memories come from whiling away time in the canteen, having pointless discussions and silly conversations. Plans of world domination to lecture bunking are hatched in this crowded place of smelly proportions!

So grab your canteen-partner-in-crime and read on!

1. The food snob

They generally turn away from the mere mention of canteen! Food quality and set price both being the problem.  Being used to gourmet food, they’ll take forever to warm up to canteen food…


People in canteen

What is this? Dead rat? tumblr

2. The popular foodie

These guys are friendly with everyone in the canteen. They even know the staff in the kitchens and talk to them on a regular basis. They treat the college canteen like it’s a major socializing event and chances are, everyone knows what they eat. The canteen guys even take their orders personally and give it to them in record time.


People in canteen

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3. The studious foodie

This one is a creature of habit and treats the canteen like it’s a library- a silent study room. And they expect everyone else to treat it as such. You’ll find them frantically completing their assignments and projects. If your group is sitting next to their usual table, you’ll catch them giving you major stink eye.


People in canteen

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4. The groupie foodie

They, like everything else in their lives, visit the canteen together. And eat together. And talk. Together. There is no making sense of what they are talking about but they look happy nevertheless.


People in canteen

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5. The hypochondriac

This person will initially abstain because “bahaar ka khaana= bimaari” and they are allergic to everything, in their own opinion. Few months down the line, you’ll see them chowing down canteen vada pavs like they are having an illicit love affair.


People in canteen

Main yeh nahi kha sakti! tumblr

6. The Bakaasur foodie

This person solely survives on canteen food. Only canteen food. Their hunger appalls and amazes you at the same time. They define gluttony and do not care that the rate at which they are eating will result in their death by 40. This person is always the reason for your humongous canteen bill. Share table at your own risk.


People in canteen

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7. The loner foodie

This person is rare to find because they don’t frequent the canteen all that often. Even when they are in the canteen, they’ll generally be on their own, doing their own thing. They’ll steadfastly ignore you if you try engaging them in conversations.


People in canteen

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8. The kanjoos foodie

This person will live on your money. Literally. They’ll keep telling you that they’ll pay their half of the share or that they will eat only kaanda, but they never do. But, they’ll always have a reason why.


People in canteen

Aaj paisa nahi kyunki *random shitty reason*. Kal dun? fzmovies4u

9. The selfish foodie

This is that person who has lost their faith in humanity. They’ve had their tiffins raided in school one time too many and they won’t share even one morsel of their food, whether it’s homemade or canteen. Trying to make them share their food is like getting your root canal done. Yup, not pleasant.


People in canteen

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10. The rich foodie

This person seriously needs a cut back in pocket money. Every time everyone decides to eat in the canteen, this one ends up paying for everyone. Rarely anyone pays these guys back and they will never ask for their money back because acha nahi dikhta. These guys shed money on the canteen bills like its haathon ki dhool (or baalon ka dandruff) and don’t make an issue of it. It’s ridiculous, but it makes a lot of us not die due to starvation.


People in canteen

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Are there any other types of people that you’ve come across in the college canteen and we have missed?


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