Patiala Peg Patiala Se Hai? Unleash The Daru Expert In You By Knowing The Types Of Pegs And Glasses

12:23 pm 9 Oct, 2018


Winter is coming! Hold your horses, I am not giving a Game of Thrones reference. Rather, I am happy that the days of rum and coke will soon be here. Yes, there is an undeniable relationship between alcohol and winter. The experience of gulping down the delicious liquid while surrounded by chilled breeze is a pure bliss. However, do you know how many of us drink daru in the wrong way? Also, not to mention we shamelessly use any glass that we can grab. When it’s about drinking, why not do it in style? Yes, I am talking about types of pegs and glasses.

Be pretentious and shower gyaan on your friends or impress your crush with proper knowledge about the types of pegs and glasses. Since we are talking about gaining knowledge, you would like to know that the measurement unit called peg is used only in India and Nepal. In other places, it is measured in milliliter or ml.




Types of pegs


Let’s start with the pegs that talk about size and measurement. Aren’t you excited to know?



30 ml



Popularly called single peg, this is what people drink when they worry too much about mummy ko pata chal jayega. Jokes apart, it is the smallest peg available in different bars, pubs, and restaurants.


60 ml



Known as double/ large, this measurement is very popular among the regular drink lovers.





Pour the drink directly into the glass and gulp it down. Yes dear, you just had a neat. It is served without mixing anything else.


Patiala peg


Patiala peg creator, types of pegs and glasses


Associated with Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, it is a drink where the amount of alcohol is really high. If you are not a regular drinker then it is better not to try out this type of peg. Presently it is measured by keeping the index finger and thumb at the top and bottom of the glass. The amount of drink between the marks is called Patiala Peg. There is actually an interesting story behind its origin. This peg type hatched when the Maharaja invited the British Polo team and served them by pouring double measure for one peg. Hence, the famous Patiala peg was born.


Chinese peg



Beautiful to look at, this is a peg type where the whiskey floats on the top of the clear water. The glass is filled with water and then using a spoon the whiskey is poured slowly, touching just the surface of the water. See the magic where whiskey floats above the water and enjoy your Chinese peg.


On the rocks


On the rocks drinks


Take big cubes of ice and pour drinks on it. You have on the rocks ready. Cheers!


Types of glasses



Well, let us add on to your fun by showing you the different types of glasses. Next time you have a party, show that you are a connoisseur of drinks too!





Though no explanations needed, there are certain glasses that are specifically used for serving cocktail. For the ‘boring’ drink haters, they are also used for mocktails.





These glasses are generally smaller in size with a wider base.





These classy glasses stand apart because of their thin and long bases.


Beer mug



Huge and heavy! No wonder it is called a beer mug instead of a glass.





With size justifying the name, these cute glasses are often used for vodka or tequila shots.





Let your sophisticated side shine by using flute glass for champagne.





Short and wider in shape, it is used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.




So, are you ready to unleash the expert inside you?

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