12 Types Of Indian Music Enthusiasts You Can Easily Identify

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10:00 am 28 Jun, 2015

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

All of us love music. For every occasion there’s music, for every mood there’s music and for every situation, there is music! The awesome thing about music is it gets diverse with existing cultures and passing time. And with the diversity of music, come the various people listening to it! If you haven’t debated with your friend over your favourite song and your favourite genre of music, you clearly have some catching up to do!

So put on your favourite music and read about the different kinds of music enthusiasts!

1. The Indie-n

This person will listen to all sorts of obscure music that makes you want to kill the said person or yourself. They will make a really smart reference about some Icelandic band touring in Norway and you’ll find your soul slowly dissolving with equal measures of awe and shame. However, if their kind of music interests you, you’ll find that you are having the best time in the world with the best people.


Music enthusiast

Agar yeh band ka naam tumne suna hai, toh zinda ho tum! tumblr

2. The Safe Players

This enthusiast strictly listens to what are deemed as classics. Everything else is trash. Mention R.D. Burman and Kishore Kumar and you will find place in their inner circle of friends. Mention Pritam, Mika and One Direction and they won’t even give you the time of day.


Music enthusiast

Naam toh suna hi hoga! tumblr

3. The Popist

This creature has all the latest and popular songs on their playlist. So you will hear them humming to everything from Love Dose (Yo Yo Honey Singh) to Banno Tera Swagger (Tanu Weds Manu Returns). Their phone is always the most sought after for impromptu dance parties!


Music enthusiast

Issey kehte hai hip-hop, hip-hop! tumblr

4. The Instrumentalist

These guys are strictly into music that they can cover on their respective musical instruments. Which is a lot. So they have an eclectic collection that includes popular songs, classical Indian and Western music, rock, heavy metal and even covers of songs done by other people. These are also the most preferred people to play in family functions.


Music enthusiast

Hume bhi toh dikhao tum kya bajate ho! tumblr

5. The Retrospecter

These guys live in a time warp. They never listen to anything beyond the 80’s because, in their opinion, that’s when the best music happened. So you will hear them talking about The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and the artists from that era a lot.


Music enthusiast

Michael Jackson vale do-teen action karke dikhaaye! tumblr

6. The EDMers

These will be mostly Gen Next people (because anyone before them won’t be caught dead listening to it). They’ll jump on their toes a lot with their hands in the air and you’ll hear ‘drop the bass’ atleast five times a day from them. You’ll also hear them moaning about EDM artists not coming for shows in India. But when the artists do come, they hardly have enough money among five to buy one ticket.


Music enthusiast

I listen to EDM because I lack imagination tumblr

7. The Fangirls

You know who I’m talking about- they follow guys and girls who are past puberty but don’t look like it and have hairstyles that defy gravity. They initially are into their music, but somehow they end up finding out what time they have their dinner. They do not need any more music from them. They need restraining orders. ASAP.


Music enthusiast

Band karke rakh do inko! tumblr

8. The Head Bangers

They are immediately recognizable with their long, unkempt hair and everything black. They exclusively listen to heavy metal, rock and their sub-genres. They were also the happiest people on Earth when Rockstar (2011) released. Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Led Zeppelin (including many others) are their gods.


9. The Karaoke Competitors

These people own a karaoke machine at home and as a result listen to an endless number of songs and they don’t have a set taste. They like whatever’s easier to remember and sing. This makes them desirable number one while playing antaakshari.


Music enthusiast

Aisa nahi ho sakta! tumblr

10. The Calm Balmers

They listen to anything that doesn’t make them get up on their feet.  Soulful music is what their playlist is about. So you’ll find Sufi music, soft rock, romantic songs and without fail, songs from Mohit Suri’s films. They probably get typecast as depressing but they are not. They just prefer the peace and quiet. Best company to have with a glass of old monk on a rainy evening.


Music enthusiast

*achieving Nirvana* catcollege

11. The Taporis

These guys listen to some of the most outrageous and cheesy music. They’ll have Bhojpuri and South Indian songs on their playlist, which they’ll play in full volume. They’ll probably still have Emotional Atyachaar (Dev D) and I Am A Hunter (Gangs of Wasseypur) on their phones.


Music enthusiast

Classics! These are classics! ndtv

12. The Classical Snobs

These folks attend Pt. Jasraj concerts, even Ud. Zakir Hussain is too mainstream for them. They know Shankar Mahadevan’s true talent lies not in Bollywood, but in a baithak. They can recognize which song is based on which raga and will listen to a lot of fusion to. Thankfully!


Music enthusiast

Wah! Bharavi to end the day with! Wah wah! thevoiceofnation


What are the other types of music enthusiasts you know that we have missed?


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