Oh, Sh*T! There Are More Than Two Genders? A Dummy’s Guide To Different Types Of Sexuality

4:48 pm 10 Sep, 2018


There are only two types of genders, period. Wait, wait! Before you all gear up to teach me a lesson for my ‘stupidity’ and shower me with great words of enlightenment, let me tell you that this was my thought almost 15-years-ago. Yes, I am well aware that there are many types of gender identities with which people identify. However, the difference is not known to all. Before plunging in to present you with the types of gender identities let us go through some basic concepts.

When I use the words types of gender identities, then I mean GENDER. Certainly, I don’t mean sex. Here we need to understand (believe me it took me a long time too) that gender and sex are two different things.


Gif reaction to types of sexuality




Wondering how? Well, sex is the biological distinction or the scientific concept. Gender is a social construct! It is that spectrum that has widened over the years to accommodate many variations. Also, it is often referred to as sexual orientation.

Without digging much deeper into the world of difference between sex and gender, let’s take a walk down the road to know more about types of gender identities. They are the sexual identities with which people connect.



What is the purpose of this article? Well, from a personal experience it is not always easy to get clarity about the types of gender identities, even if you want to. Hence, it is an attempt to provide some info that may help you with better understanding so that people don’t brand you as a dummy anymore!

Though there are many genders in the spectrum, today we will discuss a few among them. Let’s start by deciphering the meaning of LGBTQ+ and see what it stands for.


Lesbian and gay or Homosexuals



Yes, these first two letters in the word LGBTQ+ collectively can be referred to as homosexuality. In this sexual orientation, people are attracted to the member of the same sex. Women attracted to women are referred to as lesbians, the term used for men is gay.





The ‘B’ stands for bi-sexuality. Personally, I think people attracted to men and women are getting the best of both worlds. Jokes aside, by now you must have figured that in this sexual orientation, people are attracted towards both the sexes.





The ‘T’ certainly stands for transgenders. It is more of an umbrella term! In this, a person’s sense of personal and gender identity is not as per their birth identity. In the next point, we will be skipping the letter ‘Q’ as it generally meaning Queer or questioning. Rather, we will present you with some more types of gender identities.





As for homosexuals or heterosexuals, they can feel sexual attraction towards someone without getting involved emotionally.  However, things are not so easy for people identifying with demisexuality. They can only get physically intimate with someone if they are in a romantic relationship.





It refers to a person who is attracted towards people of all the sexual orientations. In short, they are attracted towards every type of gender identities.





Well, if you think this isn’t possible then you need to rewire your brain and think again! There are people who are sexually not attracted towards anyone. However, that doesn’t mean they are not capable of having healthy relationships. They are just not sexual.





Well, people who like only to help and please themselves identify with this sexual orientation. Yes, you are thinking it right, all their carnal pleasures are fully satisfied by masturbation.





People who do not follow or agree with the societal gender roles fall under this category. Though a broad one, it can be said that it somewhat promotes the idea of gender non-conformity.


Gender fluidity



Someone who believes in expressing more than one gender and not identifying with a single one falls under this. In short, they break the stereotypical gender roles to change their expression of orientation according to their desire.

The spectrum of sexual orientations is huge! Also, it is often very hard to keep a track. So, here we presented you with some of them that will help you in clearing your basics. If you want to know more or share some info, the comments section is waiting for you.