7 Types Of Football Fans That You Will Find In Every Part Of India

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7:25 pm 23 Jun, 2016


With Euro 2016 catching up, all types of soccer fans in India are cheering for their favorite players and teams. The Indian football team is still finding it hard to shine on the global map but fans here are equally passionate about the game as the fans aboard. With the advancement of new sports channels and live reach of all leagues, people have become more aware about the technicalities involved and also, are envisioning football as a professional career.

The most important part of any game are its fans. Their unconditional love and respect takes the game to another level of madness and then, the game is no more just a game, it becomes a religion and a way of life.

Here are some of the crazy types of fans that keep the spirit of game alive:

1. The temporary fan


These are sudden fans. For most of the year, they are totally unaware of what’s happening in football but just before the World Cup season, they are in euphoria, as if they had been waiting for this all their lives. The reason for their immediate intensified passion is because of their love for football players like Messi or Cristiano; beyond them, they don’t even know the names of other players.

They mostly miss the group stages and their key interest is basically on the semi-finals and finals. They usually add a spark during big matches, i.e regular Facebook and Instagram posts. But once the season is over, they are back to cricket.


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2. Devoted fans

These crazy maniacs have a natural connect with football. They are mindfully updated about everything – the controversies, the rising stars, the transfer news and most importantly, they’d miss an awewsome late-night party if Chelsea Vs Manchester United are clashing on the weekend.

They won’t miss a single match of their dearest club all through the season and for them, once they love a team or a club, they will stand by it till the end.

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3. Fanatical fans

They are overly obsessed . For them, losing is like depression. They usually sit in groups during big matches and if they hear anything negative about their team, they are even ready to go to jail for beating up their haters. For them, the team’s respect is everything.

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4. Gambling fans

They are just blank about football. During the World Cup season, they suddenly become active and search for illegal ways to earn money. Money is their goal and betting is their field. They place their money on the team which is likely to win, sometimes they end up being rich and sometimes, luck fucks them.

5. The lazy fans

Honestly, they love football but they find it really boring. They don’t enjoy the entire game, they wait for the goals to happen. They want entertainment and hence, they watch the highlights episode late-night to know what really happened.



6. The light-hearted fans

These guys stop watching after the team they’re supporting gets kicked out in the second week. For them, football starts and ends with their team. They are a bit emotional and usually rain tears when their team loses. It takes a while for them to get back to normal.



7. The ‘Typical Aranab’ fans

Fuck the world cup. Fuck the leagues. These people start giving the whole ‘When will India make it big in Football?’ speech to everyone they meet. They care about football in a negative way but would somehow convince a fool that India has no future in football. I wish our Indian football team would shut their critics just as politicians try to shut down Arnab Goswami.



Watch this amazing video from Sportal Combat, which perfectly tells you the wikipedia of football fans in India: