18 Types Of Female Friends That All Girls Need

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6:00 pm 14 May, 2015


All girls should have a few good friends that they can rely on at the worst of times. Some of the characteristics of good female friends are listed below. If you know at least one of each kind or have a few who have all the qualities, you’re a lucky girl.

1. The shopaholic

This friend is really crucial; she knows where the bargains are, where the brands are and how to best maneuver your way for the maximum benefit with the least exertion.


2. The clubber


When you want to dance and forget your worries, this friend will always come to your rescue. She can stay on the dance floor till management kicks you guys out.


3. The feminist

When your family, colleagues, etc. get you down by trying to pressurize you to live according to society’s demands, this friend’s opinions will be like a balm for your nerves.


4. The pothead

Your pothead friend is always up for some philosophizing; you can discuss anything and everything with her. Just give her a gift of munchies every now and then.


5. The cock-blocker

Sometimes you need to keep a guy at a distance without being overtly rude to him; the cock-blocker to your rescue! She’ll keep the guys at bay so you don’t have to.


6. The hyena

This friend is usually upbeat and jovial. If you’re spending time with her, you’ll literally be rolling on the floor laughing. She can turn your Monday blues into Monday bahahahahs.


7. The odd one out

In a sea of the ‘same old, same old’ this friend stands out a mile. She’ll make you see things in a new way and encourage you to think for yourself.


8. The makeup artist

While makeup may not be her profession, she sure is professional about it. Whenever you need to look your best or need to hide pimples/hickies/etc., she’s your go-to girl.


9. The alibi

This friend is always ready to lie to your folks about where you are or have been. Teachers, bosses, and other friends all know that the two of you will lie for each other to the grave.


10. The fitness freak

Every time you gain some weight, this friend will happily plan your diet and drag you to the gym; she’ll have you looking and feeling your best in no time.


11. The bitch

This girl always speaks her mind; though you may dislike her focus on herself, she does teach you to never put yourself last. Just being around her makes you more independent.


12. The daredevil

This girl is fun with a capital F! With her you become the most irresponsible person but you have so much fun. Every day with her is an adventure into uncharted territory.


13. The boy oh boy

She knows all the guys and knows which one will suit you best (Do not confuse with ‘The pimp’ who tries to forcibly make you date guys so she can hang around with them).


14. The geek/nerd

When you first meet this girl, you may look down on her but after a while of knowing her, you’ll wish you knew half as much as her. Whatever the issue, you ask for her opinion on it.


15. The traditionalist

This friend is a treasure trove of dadi ma’s recipes and homemade remedies for various ailments. She is pretty set in her ways though so don’t try to change who she is.


16. The sexpert

With a very active sex life, this friend is your go-to person for any questions you might have regarding bedroom behavior. She deals with the subject with least embarrassment.


17. The comforter

When life gets you down and all you need is a good shoulder to cry on, you turn to this friend. She’ll sit up with you and do her best to make you see the silver lining.


18. The prepared one

Somehow this girl manages to have everything – an emergency pad, a tube of quickfix, a bottle of sunscreen, extra shoes/tees, etc. She saves your life again and again.




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