7 Types Of Boozers You Can Spot In Any Daru Party

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10:00 pm 13 Jan, 2015


1. The Alcohol Terminator aka The Gulper

This one finishes alcohol like it’s his biggest enemy. Often described as the booze tank, they gorge down litres of alcohol. Their stories of awesomeness are famous among every fellow drinker like legends. They are always ready to get started.

Alcohol Terminator

2. The Scrounge

The freeloader of the group. They are always dependent on one of their drinking buddies for supply. They’ll drink anything as long as it is provided by others. They often end up drinking the most.


3. The Over Confident Beginner

The debutant among veterans. Decides to show everyone how drinking and being in control is easy. Needless to say, but becomes the first one to end up belly-dancing and passes out couple of pints later only to wake up the next day.

The Beginner

4. The Brawler

Their explosive energy surges with every gulp. Their sentences consist of every possible permutation of slangs available in their mother tongue. The memory of everything that ever annoyed them gets amplified. Stay with them till the end of the drink and you’ll have witnessed a drunken fight.

The Brawler

5. The Heartbroken Lover

As the drink starts going down, emotions start rising up. There is always this guy sitting beside someone, crying his heart out, narrating his painful love story and sharing his regrets in a style moving enough to bring even the most intense Bollywood filmmakers to tears.


6. The Returning Alcoholic

The person who actually understands the pain of separation from alcohol. Their happiness is at a completely higher level than the rest. Unable to suppress the urge to drink any longer, they just flush down drink after drink after drink and continue with the same spirit even after multiple pukes.


7. The Caretaker

The most responsible drunkard in the group. Considers it his job to see that The Brawler and The Lover don’t hurt themselves, or others. He knows the right amount of alcohol for himself. He enjoys being the most sober drunkard, and never loses consciousness. He deals with every wayward situation.