17 Types Of Cousins You Have In A Big Indian Family

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Updated on 16 Oct, 2015 at 8:09 pm


We love our cousins for reasons many. And each cousin of ours is unique from the rest, with characteristics that make them lovable and sometimes annoying too. But we really can’t imagine our existence without them. They are as much a part of our family as our siblings. And sometimes they mean much more to us than anyone else.

You will relate to the following types of cousins that each family definitely has.

1. The cousin who always has advice

Because he is older or simply out of concern.

2. The sensitive cousin


Did you just pass a joke that didn’t go well with your cousin? This cousin is a wee bit more sensitive than the rest of the lot.

3. The ‘forever with you’ cousin

The cousin who just sticks by you no matter what.

4. The Mr. Funnybones cousin

This cousin just cracks you up with his antics.

5. The foreigner cousin

There has to be this foreign-based cousin whose accent boggles you.

6. The recluse cousin

You see this cousin once in a while and that meeting is also like a hit and miss.

7. The affectionate cousin

Your cousin showers all his love on you whenever you meet him.

8. The achiever cousin

This cousin simply digs into books and has degrees to boast of, something your parents keep reminding you.

9. The cousin who is your age and your best buddy.

This cousin is the one whom you hang out with and share all your secrets.

10. The spoilt cousin

This cousin has become an example ‘to not become like’ else your life is ruined.

11. The ideal cousin

He is the ‘one’ whom your parents want you to be like.

12. The ‘I have this’, ‘I have that’ cousin

Simply to flaunt all they have or because they are your teasing siblings.

13. The attention seeker cousin

We all have an attention seeker cousin who leaves no stone unturned in being the centre of attraction.

14. The fashionista cousin

The one with all the oomph and whom you idolize for all the fashion trends.

15. The ‘party ki jaan’ cousin

A party without this cousin appears dead.

16. The casanova cousin

He is the heartthrob cousin who just impresses girls with his presence.

17. The simplistic cousin

The simple one, in looks, dressing and attitude. And we simply adore them for being so patient and calm.