10 Types Of Brothers That We Just Can’t Ignore

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4:00 pm 24 Aug, 2015

We hate them, we love them but we just cannot ignore them! Yes, they are our brothers who become extra adorable during the Rakshabandhan season. Flooded with gifts and chocolates already, here we list down 10 types of brothers we love to have. Chances are you might have one with all of these qualities.

1. Our bros in shining armor

The brothers you all look for when you get a flat tire or need to leave late night parties. He’s super-cool and he’s always just a call away!

2. Our heroes

He will always be your hero, even when you don’t want him to! He’ll be so protective and possessive that you are left with no hero of your own. Oops!

3. Our confidants

It’s rare but it’s super-amazing when that happens. Your brother chilling with you and totally talking about the girl he’d kill to date. What’s more? You too can totally confide in him about everything – even your boyfriends!

4. Our cute teasers

They tease you, they prick you, they irritate the hell out of you. They will spoil your hair, they will hide your makeup, they will never give you the TV remote…but they will always bring a smile to your face!

5. Our strict bros

Having them is almost like having Dad-II. They will always keep an eye on what you do and will make sure you are organized, disciplined and all things good. But we still love them for all the love they have but never show.

6. Our chillers

They are almost like your best friends. They hangout with your best friends, party with you and watch the same shows as you do.

7. Our parents pet

Not that they love us any less, they just love our parents way too much. They will complain and tell everything you do or even think to your parents. You are desperately waiting for the day he’ll grow up!

8. Our blackmailers

They get to know everything about you. And what do they about it? They blackmail you and make you do 50 other things till you finally find something embarrassing about them.


9. Our ‘mind your own business’ brothers

They are secretive and stay alone most of the time. You wonder if they are on some secret mission. They won’t ask about you, neither will they tell you about themselves. You get to know about their night-out scenes only through their pictures on Facebook.

10. Our wacko brothers

Being with them is like watching live streaming of a comedy show. He has jokes on practically everyone and everything. He makes sure there is not even a single dull moment in your family. He’s crazy, adorable and everyone’s favorite!


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