20 Types Of Co-workers You Always Meet In The Office

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Updated on 3 Dec, 2015 at 6:39 pm


Office environment cab be a fun place because you encounter different type of people under the same roof. Besides having a bull headed boss, your colleagues and office mates are sometime no less than a nightmare.


1. The ‘I am the greatest’ people who think there is no world beyond them and their ideology.


2. The phone chatterers who are probably appointed to talk on the phone during office hours.



3. The ‘what I know is everything’ people who are never ready to hear any suggestions from their colleagues or team partners.


4. The negative people who will always find faults in others’ work.


5. The food mongers who always keep themselves busy eating.


6. The marijuana group who always want to talk about stuff, stuff and stuff!


7. The spies who are commonly the boss’s pets who keep him/her updated.


8. The stalkers who are not interested in their own life but more in others’ life and work.


9. The gossipers, the favorites in every office, who know all about their boss and colleagues.


10. The ‘may be’ people who always are never sure about their work.


11. The match makers who try to set up the rest of their colleagues.


12. The goal-oriented people who are seriously work-obsessed and have no life beyond it.


13. The slackers who know how to skip their work and make sure others do it.


14. The stressed people who always keep one or the other assignments pending every day.


15. That one stinky mouth one in the office.


16. Those coughing like a serious patient throughout the year.

You always doubt what they are actually suffering from.


17. The sweaty people who always stink up their area.


18. The future-obsessed people who are more interested in discussing the future than working on the present.


19. The perfect actors who give their best while commenting but never turn up on the important day.


20. The wanna be singers, who always brighten up your day.

But singing all the day long can bug you up!



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