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Two Teens Were Allegedly Beaten And Paraded Naked By The Father Of A Girl And Three Others

Published on 19 May, 2017 at 1:52 pm By

Two teens were beaten and paraded naked by a group of men in Pune’s Warje-Malwadi for allegedly ‘teasing’ a 14-year-old girl.

The teens, both 14, were also filmed while the men thrashed and stripped them naked. The mother of one of the teens filed a police complaint when the video started doing the rounds of social media.



A screengrab from the video posted by Pune Mirror. PuneMirrro

Following the complaint, the police arrested four persons. According to reports, one of the accused is the father of the girl who thought that the boys were troubling his daughter.

Reports say that the boys and the girl are in fact good friends from school. The boy’s mother also said that the girl has visited their house “a few times”.


Pune Mirror reports that on the day of the assault, the boys were merely waiting at a location near the house of the girl when the girl’s father mistook them for stalkers.



The Warje Malwadi locality in Pune. Google Maps

Among the four people booked in the incident is a minor. Police, too, confirmed that the boys and the girl study in the same school and are well acquainted with each other.


The police added that the girl’s father should have approached the police if he was so suspicious of the boys.

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