These Two Lists Contains All You Wanted To Know About SMS Prefixes

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Updated on 20 Oct, 2015 at 11:54 am


Often you receive SMS alerts with prefixes such as AM, DZ, LM, etc. before the short name of the company which sends you the message. Ever wondered what the SMS prefixes mean? If you did, here are two lists containing the details. Next time when you get that message, you would know where it originated. The first letter is the name of the telecom service provider and the second letter tells the point of origin of the message.

We thank Sumeet Singh for sharing this information on Quora.

Telecom Service Provider
A Airtel
C Datacom Solutions
D Aircel, Dishnet Wireless
E Reliance Telecom
H HFCL Infotel
I Idea Cellular, Aditya Birla Telecom
L Loop Telecom, BPL
P Spice Telecom
R Reliance Communications
S S.Tel Ltd
T Tata Teleservices
U Unitech (Telenor)
V Vodafone
W Swan Telecom
Y Shyam Telecom
Location of Origin
A Andhra Pradesh
B Bihar
D Delhi
E UP (East)
G Gujrat
H Haryana
I Himachal Pradesh
J Jammu And Kashmir
K Kolkata
L Kerala
M Mumbai
N North East
O Odisha
P Punjab
R Rajasthan
S Assam
T Tamil Nadu
V West Bengal
W UP (West)
X Karnataka
Y Madhya Pradesh
Z Maharashtra