Two IIT-M Students Slam Leftists Who Accused Maj Gen G.D. Bakshi Of Delivering ‘Hate Speech’

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5:55 pm 13 Aug, 2016

A day after IIT-M student Abhinav Surya wrote an ‘open letter’ against what he called was a speech “filled with hatred, instigating violence among the students” delivered by Maj Gen (Retd.) G.D. Bakshi, two IIT-M students have now said that the army man did not make any such speech.

In an article published by the New Indian Express, PhD scholar Deepak Ojha and project assistant Chirag Khalde wrote that the genera’s speech was full of undeniable facts and nowhere did Maj Gen Bakshi belittle the contribution of the moderate freedom fighters as was being alleged by Surya.

Calling the attack on the Maj Gen an outpouring of left liberals, the scholars write that the open letter by Surya is a “case study about how a few people defame the ‘Patriotism’ of a retired Army personnel in guise of fake care for humanity”.


Recalling Maj Gen Bakshi’s speech, the scholars said that he logically spoke on the need for an increased defence preparedness while pointing at instances from history one of which was the use of elephants to put a psychological fear in foreign invaders like Alexander.

“Sadly in the articles which are surfacing now on the social media, this story about the head-crushing elephants is taken out of context and quoted as ‘he glorified the “skull-smashing elephants” of ancient India’,” the scholars write.

According to the scholars, Maj Gen Bakshi praised the sacrifice of the soldiers of Indian National Army of Subhash Chandra Bose and said that independence was not achieved ‘Bina khadag bina dhal‘ – a fact acknowledged even by the British rulers of the time.

Slamming the leftists and Surya, the scholars wrote, “Such reasoning is been berated by the so called Humanists by writing, ‘The speaker made the utmost insulting comment when he said mocked our freedom movement and made fun of it. According to him, only Indians in Indian army got us freedom and whatever everyone else was doing in the name of ‘Ahimsa’ was nonsense!’”

They wrote that he indeed called for breaking Pakistan into four but pointed out that being a soldier he was being very pragmatic about the actual ground reality of India-Pakistan relationship.




Defending the Maj General’s speech, the scholars pointed out that it was meant to be “about war, about sacrifices, about harsh living conditions of brave soldiers and about blood”.

They wrote that when Maj Gen Bakshi started answering each and every Kashmiri student in the audience, the “purely undemocratic left liberals” left the hall.

Strongly slamming the media who compared Maj Gen Bakshi with ‘Trump’ and a ‘war monger’, the scholars wrote that anyone who speaks against the existing order (leftist liberal view of India) “will be labeled as Hitler or Hindutva etc”.

“And once branded as Hindutva, a person becomes untouchable and a punching bag of all the hatred of left inclined media and academia,” they wrote.

They concluded by referring to Rajiv Malhotra’s ‘Breaking India’ and the doctrine of ‘war of 1000 cuts’.

“Effect of such cuts can be felt in the Valley and in some of the institutes like JNU, Hyderabad University and Jadavpur University,” they point out.


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