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India Aims To Become The Defence Manufacturing Hub, Twitterati Are Concerned!

Published on 30 July, 2018 at 5:44 pm By

The ‘Make in India‘ initiative is likely to take a positive turn as the Central government will soon announce a plan to build a robust defense production industry. If this plan succeeds,  India will be one of the top five manufacturers of military equipment and platforms in the next 10 years. This policy is currently going through final amendments, and thereafter it will be placed in the Union cabinet for approval.


The Defence Production Policy (DPP-2018) will focus on investing adequate resources to develop critical technology for manufacturing state-of-the-art military equipments including fighter jets, attack helicopters and weaponry indigenously.



With the implementation of this policy, the government can achieve a turnover of Rs. 1,70,000 crore in military goods and services by 2025.

To your surprise, India has already spent USD 100 billion in the last one decade to buy 65 percent of its defense equipment. To reduce this, India has no choice but to produce military equipments on its own.




Indeed, this looks like a great step towards the modernization of our defence system. But the people of India are raising important issues that can hamper this policy. Kyunki yeh public hai, sab jaanti hai. 

This is what they had to say:


Why have Democrats become the decision making authority?



Strictly no babus allowed.



Dear Modijiare you listening?



There is an urgent need to incorporate military officers for this policy.



Or else, this will happen.


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