Twitterati Angered By Rishi Kapoor’s Obnoxious Mockery Of A Pregant Beyonce Knowles

5:22 pm 22 Nov, 2017


When it comes to social media, Rishi Kapoor is known to make headlines quite often, more for wrong reasons that right. Being exceptionally vocal on everyday issues on the social media, especially Twitter, the Bollywood actor is often seen giving voice to his mindless rants and engaging in Twitter fights with people. This time, too, Rishi Kapoor did something which attracted the scorn of Twitterati immediately.

Rishi Kapoor is known to be quite active and vocal on social media. The Hans India

Recently, Rishi Kapoor took to his Twitter account to present a diptych of a pregnant woman and a flower vase. Yes, you heard it right. The similarity in the photograph was perhaps the flowers that the woman had adorned in what seemed like her prenatal photoshoot. He also added an equally insulting caption –

Phool Khilen hain Gulshan Gulshan!


It is to be noted that the woman in the photograph was none other than Beyonce Knowles. A famous American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer, Beyonce looked million dollars in the orange ensemble as she posed for shutterbugs at the Wearable Art Gala, where she had been with her husband Jay Z. Back then, she was pregnant with twins – Rumi and Sir Carter – who were born earlier this year.

Beyonce with her newborn twins. TMZ-


Needless to say, this tweet did not go well with many across the globe. While many users reminded him to harbor respect for at least pregnant women, some users thrashed him verbally by calling Kapoor a “drunkard”.

Here’s a glimpse of some responses to Rishi Kapoor’s tweet –

A few people also mocked the senior actor for his senseless tweet, blaming him to becoming a victim of alcoholism.


However, thankfully this time Rishi Kapoor chose to keep mum rather than starting to hurl abuses at the trolls. What do you think about this comparison? Do you think it was harmless or was Rishi Kapoor being really a brat? Do let your opinions come by.