Twitterati Shuts Down Aarti Tikoo Singh For Saying That Like Namaz, Jagratas And Langars Too Cause Inconvenience

4:42 pm 8 May, 2018


Few days back several group in Gurugram disrupted Friday prayers shouting slogans like ‘Bangladeshi wapas jao’ and labelled the practice of offering namaz in public spaces as ‘land jihad.’



In his response, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that there has been an increase in cases of offering namaz in open, and it should be read only in mosques and Idgahs and not in public places, since it poses inconvenience to other people.




In retaliation to his statement, Senior Editor at The Times of India, Aarti Tikoo Singh posted a tweet on her Twitter account questioning the Haryana CM’s stand on the offering of namaz saying that if this is situation then not only namaz but all the religious events like keertans, jagratas, and langars that take place in a public should also be banned.



Apparently, the tweet was not well received by the tweeple and they bashed out the journalist for dragging other religions into the matter and having lack of knowledge about the religious beliefs of various practices.

Check out some of the tweets:













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