Twitter Suspended Account Of Trueindology, But Soon Restored It After Twitterati Were Left Fuming

4:58 pm 20 Nov, 2017


On Sunday (November 19, 2017), the Times of India carried an article titled ‘Faking history starts online’ where the author accused that the fake history is being rampant online. He said the WhatsApp forwards are taken as truth, and Twitter handles regularly peddle falsehoods with the help of photo-editing tools. The author also quoted Pratik Sinha of AltNews and called Twitter handle TrueIndology as a “serial faker.” He said TrueIndology posts mostly right-wing news — showing Muslims in poor light, glorify Hindus, abuse lefties and liberals — and fakes the news.


Soon after this article, Twitterati started pouting their angry comments in which they mentioned that the Twitter handle of Trueindology has been suspended.



Someone has also posted:


After the furuore by Twitterati, Twitter decided to reinstate the handle.


And Twitterati cound’t stop praising it:

Take a look at some tweets by Trueindology:


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