Twitter User Attracts Support From Others With His Claim That Biased Activists And ‘Prestitutes’ Are Trying To Defame Major Gogoi

6:46 pm 30 May, 2018


Shehla Rashid Shora, a Ph.D. student at JNU came into limelight with her ‘activism’ about the human rights situation in Kashmir. She is active on social media but is often trolled by users for having extremely prejudiced views. A few days back, she tweeted about Major Gogoi being ‘caught’ with a girl in the hotel room. He is the same major who landed into controversy after tying a stone pelter to army jeep to save other civilians. Here’s what she wrote.



Soon Twitterati started calling her out and she deleted the tweet. However, she was joined by journalist Sagarika Ghosh who also tweeted a similar news with a link from a separatist portal. It was also told that he was caught with a ‘minor’ girl. This is what she tweeted:



People started trolling her for presenting ‘news’ without any authenticated source. Here are some of the tweets:






As the story unveiled, it was reported that Major Gogoi was indeed trying to check-in in a hotel with a woman.  However, she is not underage and came to meet the army officer on her own free will. The news became public knowledge when a scuffle broke out between Major Gogoi and hotel staff. Then the police got involved in the matter and their final report is still pending.



A user tweeted claiming that the army officer has been given clean chit by Jammu and Kashmir police. He also talked about the bias nature of media personalities and activists who are trying to defame the army officer. Here’s the tweet:


Other users weren’t far behind to support his statement. Read what they posted: