Twitteraties Slam Parineeti Chopra For Body Shamming A Friend

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:11 pm

Parineeti Chopra, when she entered Bollywood was like this…


Then she transformed herself. After following a rigorous workout routine for nine months and with the help of diet plans she achieved the body she always wanted!

But all this does not give her the right to body shame others. Repeating her golden words, she along with Alia Bhatt and a few other while wishing a friend said,Eat less please! Become thin!”

Here is the video:

Well, the video got spread like a wild fire and Parineeti got slammed by twitteraties. Have a look!


Because she is slim now, she can say whatever!


She is fake…


She has become obsessed with her body!


Some called her fake, others called her obsessed. We just want to say that Parineeti it’s good that you have attained what you wanted. You have been an inspiration for many. But, asking others to do the same is not good. You bodyshammed your friend over social media on her birthday. This wasn’t a wish at all!

You being a celebrity, a public figure really needs to be a little responsible and careful about your words.