Ram Subramanian Trolls Sunil Chhetri For His Video, Twitterati Hands Him Savage Slamming

3:57 pm 6 Jun, 2018


Sarcasm, a small word that often helps us to get by the stupidity of the world! Being sarcastic is an art and some manage to ace it perfectly. One of them is Ram Subramanian. His tweeter handle ‘Voice of Ram,’ is famous for taking sarcastic digs at different issues. From Modi-government to environmental degradation, he has shared his views on different aspects. Though some of his contents are really good, his recent tweet about football brings up a crucial question, where do you cross the line of sarcasm and land into meaningless ranting?

Recently, a video from Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri circulated on the internet where he could be seen talking about how Indians should come and support their country’s team. The raw emotion made it viral instantly and many people actually turned up to see a match held between India and Kenya. In case you have missed the video, here it is for you:


Following that Ram Subramanian posted a tweet addressing Chhetri in a very sarcastic way that also borders on the line of being offensive. Here’s what he posted:


Expectedly, Twitterati got infuriated with his sarcasm and started slamming him. Many pointed out the fact that his sarcastic nature forgot the value of the word respect. Here are some of the tweets:










Not only this, but he also took a dig at the tweet by Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli supporting Sunil Chhetri’s video:


Twitterati couldn’t keep their calm and trolled him for the same. Here’s what they wrote:




Is it a justified sarcasm or crossing the line?