Rishi Kapoor’s Tweet About The Indian Women’s Cricket Team Makes Twitterati See Red

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Rishi Kapoor tweeted something extremely controversial on Sunday which has invited a lot of wrath from Twitterati . The tweet was made at the time when Mithali Raj and company were fighting against England in the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017.

Kapoor wrote on Twitter about how he was “waiting for a repeat of Sourav Ganguly’s act on the balcony”. He was trying to remind us of Ganguly’s “act” of removing his jersey, when India won the NatWest series at Lord’s in 2002. Through his tweet it could be figured out that all he wanted was to witness a similar act (however not from women) in case the Indian women’s cricket team wins the tournament this time.

However, people on Twitter started questioning the appropriateness of the tweet, some of them even called him a “drunkard”.


After receiving a good amount of backlash, Kapoor came to defend himself and quoted that he did not mention about a female player repeating Ganguly’s act. He also slammed people for taking it in a wrong way.


People in turn asked him to accept his mistake and tweeted further:


People have become really particular about what is being shared on various social media platforms. Celebrities usually invite a lot of rage from people and their perceptions are wrongly understood.

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