Twitter Rescued A Girl From Harassment In A Train. You Should Know How

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 12:33 pm


An incident that happened on the 12295 Sanghmitra Express on December 19 was straight out of the Tamil blockbuster ‘Anniyan’ (Aprichit in Hindi).

A girl travelling in an AC coach of the train complained against the drinking of three men sitting on the opposite seats of her compartment. Unfortunately, the railway staff in the coach were not Vikram from the film.

Aparichit Meme

But thankfully, entered a hero who speaks the language known all over the world as Tweet.

The girl took a picture of the men and tweeted it to her brother. The brother immediately forwarded the same to the Ministry of Railways and the Railway Minister’s twitter accounts, respectively. What followed was a flurry of retweets and responses. After a few frantic moments, the brother tweeted that his sister was safe and has been allocated a different seat, away from the drunkards.


But this begs a question: Did the police take any action on the drunkards, since consumption of alcohol is not allowed on trains?