Twitter’s Hilarious Reactions Over Ganguli’s Reply To Ravi Shastri’s Accusation

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:56 pm

Anil Kumble has been chosen as Team India’s coach over Ravi Shastri by the BCCI. Shastri has been accusing Saurav Ganguli for not being selected. Dada finally gave a powerful answer, calling Ravi Shastri’s comment personal and he said:

If Shastri thinks he’s not been made coach because of me, then he is living in a fool’s world.
If he Had suggestions for me, i have one for him, when you ought to give interview for Position of such Importance” Coach of Indian Cricket Team” you have to be present in person, not holidaying in bangkok that too  when one of the greatest in Indian Cricket gave his interview for two hours.
The Prince of Kolkata gave a perfect reply and received a bundle of applause from Twitteraties. Here is how Twitter reacted to Saurav’s statement:

A reply in superhero style!


Poor you!


Proud to be his fan!


Saurav never plays on the back foot!


Dada of Indian Cricket Team.


Smashed it hard!


On field, or off field, Dada is same for both!


The man who has a huge fan base.