Twitter Helps A Girl Reunite With Her Father Whom She Had Never Met Before

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2:00 pm 14 Sep, 2017


Most of us see social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as mediums to socialize, share interesting thoughts, updates, pictures and have access to similar things shared by others. But as the world is progressing, social media is making headway into doing a number of other things apart from what it is generally known for. And the ensuing incident is a testimony to that.

Recently, Twitter did something that usually a social media platform doesn’t do. It helped a girl unite with her father whom she had never met before. It all happened because of the contribution of lovely people out there on Twitter who became a part of the chain of retweets of her tweet.

Picture of her father shared by Dlamini Nkosi Twitter


On September 3, Dlamini-Nkosi from Midrand, South Africa shared a picture of her father on her timeline saying that she was looking for her father and wanted to meet him. Have a look at her tweet below:


Within a few days, her tweet had over 9000 retweets and the woman was soon able to track her father. The journey was difficult and needed patience. There were questions from everywhere including from those who made fun of her, naysayers and also from those who wanted to help her genuinely. She had to reply to almost all of them as she did not know which of the comments could lead her to her father. Have a look at some of the mixed responses to Nkosi’s tweet below:



But eventually, the sequence of events unfolded in her favor and in that of her father’s too as both of them got reunited. Later, she also tweeted a new picture posing with her father. The two looked cheerful as Nkosi’s patience finally paid-off. Here is her tweet: