Narendra Modi Ignored Arvind Kejriwal At A Meeting But Twitterati Couldn’t Ignore That

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8:16 pm 17 Jul, 2016

Politics is a small world. You usually end up meeting your frenemies once in a while and even had to openly greet them. The same happened on Saturday when our beloved PM Narendra Modi met Arvind Kejriwal at the Inter-State council meeting.

 Don’t miss the below video (especially take a close look at o.25!):


While Modiji had a word with the Ministers of every state but when it was Kejriwal’s turn, things went like this:



And Modi’s slight ignorance was enough for Twitterati to mock Kejriwal:


Kejriwal has more parody accounts on Twitter than anyone else.


Ignorance is bliss. Right, Modiji?