Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Doesn’t Have A Laptop. Here’s What He Says He Does Everything From

5:50 pm 26 May, 2018


Most of us assumed that people who are tech-savvy or people who run some of the biggest tech companies in the world access to some of the finest gadgets available in the world and use them too. However, it is true that people or things are often not what we thought or assumed they are. We got to know this from one of the high-profile CEOs who runs one of the most popular tech companies in the world.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed that he does not have a laptop and does everything from his phone. He shared the fact at a press breakfast in Sydney, Australia, on Friday.

“I don’t have a laptop, no, I do everything on my phone,” Dorsey revealed this when he was asked about his own online security practices.


The social media giant CEO also revealed that he turns off the notifications and uses one application at a time.

It seems like Dorsey’s preference of his phone over a laptop appears to be more for practicality and work-life balance than security, as reported, as he went on to add saying:


“I think anything can consume all of your time, but definitely the devices we have just have so much on them, so much interestingness, and you can certainly go down a hole. So I’ve developed a lot of personal practices: I don’t check my phone in the morning until I’m about to walk into work and when I’m working on my phone I turn off notifications so I’m not constantly reacting to what’s coming at me.”

“When we’re having meetings, phones down, laptops closed so we can actually focus and not just spend an hour together but make that time meaningful — and if that time is 15 minutes, then it’s 15 minutes, we move on with our lives. If we have our phones open, if we have our laptops open, and all these things are coming up, we just get distracted.”


Jack Dorsey chats to Deb Knight at Twitter’s Sydney HQ. mashable

Speaking to the question of privacy and security, Dorsey said that it is important to be aware of the tools we have to safeguard our data and know what data a company or service has on us.

“In terms of privacy and security, I think the most important thing is that you’re mindful of it. That you’re aware of it, that you are aware of the tools at your disposal to understand what data a company or service has on you, that there are controls to turn that off. That you have two-factor authentication turned on all of your accounts, that you change your passwords on a regular basis — I know it’s a pain but it’s extremely important.”

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