This Guy Proposed Twinkle Khanna On Twitter. You Must Read Twinkle’s Reply.

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7:12 pm 2 May, 2016

Twitter is the best platform to express your feelings to your celeb crush, so this guy Ankit Varshney tried to flirt with the queen of words, Twinkle Khanna. Mrs Funnybones aka Twinkle Khanna, has been tickling many bones with her sarcastic tweets and witty blogs. She is the one who can make a joke on herself before she takes a jab at someone else. Her bio on Twitter which reads, “A bona fide member of an ambiguous tribe of the new age Indian woman; heavily armed with the weapons of my choice: google and lame jokes.” She has also started her own production house, Mrs Funnybones. Her film under the banner is PadMan.



guy propose twinkle khanna



Twitterati appreciated his brave act because to woo the khiladi’s love is not easy.




Mrs Funnybones took it in a funny way and replied smartly.





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