A Grammar Nazi Tried Correcting Twinkle Khanna’s English. She Handled Him Perfectly

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12:02 pm 11 Nov, 2017


Actor turned author, Twinkle Khanna is famous for her witty tweets and sarcastic comments. Popularly known as Mrs. Funnybones, she often make her fans laugh with her hilarious writings. Remember the acceptance speech she wrote for her husband, Akshay Kumar? Twinkle has finally proved that it’s the field of writing that comforts her more than acting. The actress has earned more fame after becoming an author as compared to the time when she tried her hands in Bollywood.


Yes, it’s Twinkle’s interesting written pieces that make us laugh but many times she got in trouble because of her blunt writing style. However, there is no doubt saying that she is the Queen of words and no one can beat her when it comes to writing.

Recently, Twinkle shared a piece of knowledge that she got from a scientist. The actress expressed that we should thank people who put hurdles in our paths as hurdles make us more strong and experienced.


Here’s what Twinkle tweeted:


Twinkle’s tweet is something everyone should learn and believe in. Sadly, her motivational tweeted got invaded by a grammar nazi. The Twitter user pointed out a mistake in her tweet and expressed that she should have written ‘learnt’ instead of ‘learned’ in her tweet.

As we said, Twinkle is the Queen of words. the actress knew how to handle such trolls. She retweeted the Twitter user’s tweet and explained the difference between the word ‘learnt’ and ‘learned’.

Here’s what Mrs. Funnybones tweeted:

Twinkle’s reply to the troll got appreciated by her fans. Here’s how people reacted:


Looks like Twinkle has trained herself to face such trolls. This is a lesson for all the celebrities who get trolled and slammed for no reason. They should come out, expose such trolls in public and give them some fitting replies. This is the only way to stop people who try gaining publicity in the name of celebrities.

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