WhatsApp Chat Between Twinkle Khanna And Her Son Proves That Only Her Son Can Silence Her

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2:36 pm 7 Aug, 2016

I thought Twinkle Khanna, mistress of words, just cannot be trolled but I was so wrong. Her sweetest and meanest critic is her son, Aarav. In many of her columns, she has written about her funny interactions with Akshay, Aarav, daughter Nitara and. now, we have clear and hilarious evidence of it.

She tweeted a small screenshot of her WhatsApp chat with her son and his Maths tuition teacher. The situation goes like this – Aarav was running late for his Maths tuition and therefore, his teacher inquired about the same. Aarav made an easy excuse that he didn’t have a driver and then, Mrs Funnybones invaded the chat saying, “Aarav should have told me – I thought you left – I would have dropped you!”

What Aarav replied next will surprise and tickle you at the same time:


I am feeling:



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