These Twin Sisters Supported Team India In Nagpur And Their Camaraderie Was Amazing!

3:07 pm 27 Nov, 2017


Whenever any sport is played in any part of the world, the center of attraction remains not only the participating team but also the audiences, who do not leave any stone unturned to cheer their favorite team. And when it comes to India, audience do play a vital role in boosting up the home team’s morale. Don’t you think so? While there are always many people using various ways to gear up team India in every match they play, this time the Indian cricketers were in for a lovely time.

The twins at the stadium. Twitter


India is playing its second Test match against Sri Lanka in Nagpur. The match was in its third day on November 26 but being a Sunday, the stadium witnessed the footfall of many fans. However, leaving everyone else, the cameras captured two sisters, who had the perfect entertaining message to the Indian cricket team ever.

The sisters were a set of twins, identical twins. As they went to cheer for Team India, they had two placards for themselves. While one placard read “I am older than my sister”, the other one read, “I am younger than my sister”. It was simple yet entertaining message as they were absolutely identical and anyone seeing them for the first time would not have been able to distinguish one from another!


In fact, the BCCI, too, found it quite amusing and shared a video of the sisters on their official Twitter account. Here’s a glimpse of the same:

Needless to say, this little video amused the Twitterati as well. Here’s how some of them reacted:;


Well, did you find any dissimilarity between the two sisters? Let us know if you did.

Meanwhile, in a remarkably one-sided match, the hosts pulled off an an innings and 239-run win over the hapless Sri Lankans. The match witnessed Virat Kohli slamming his fifth Test double ton and Ashwin becoming the fastest to 300 Test wickets among other milestones.

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