Meet The Twin Brothers Who Have Pledged To Revive Sanskrit And Spread It To Remote Corners of India

12:33 pm 27 Nov, 2017


At a time when many Indian schools are prioritizing the knowledge of modern foreign languages among children and many Indians marveling at the prospect of talking fluently in English, twin brothers, Raghav and Madhav, are on a mission to revive the use of Sanskrit. And they are trying with all their might to tell people about the value of Sanskrit, and use it on a daily basis for communication.

Twin brothers Raghav and Madhav are on a quest to spread Sankrit around India. Naiduniya


You would be surprised to know that at this “jet age”, both Raghav and Madhav were attracted to Sanskrit since their childhood. Well, the courtesy for the same goes to their parents – Anup and Asha – both of whom hold Master degrees in Sanskrit.

According to Anup, both the brothers exhibited a keenness and affection for the language since their early childhood. So much was the eagerness that they even conversed with each other in this ancient Indian language. Seeing their knack in Sanskrit, the brothers were admitted to Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ved Vidya Pratishthan in Malipura, from where they completed their preliminary education. They completed their higher education from Sri Raj Rajeshwar Dham in Dhamnoj.

Sri Raj Rajeshwar Dham. Surendranagar Blog



It was here in Sri Raj Rajeshwar Dham that they pursued their education in Vedas and Sanskrit under the guidance of 1008 Raghavanandji Maharaj. Thereafter, they completed their education under the guidance of Pandit Jagdish Chandra Bhatt, who guided them to put their education to perfect use in daily lives. As of now, both the brothers are studying at Sanskrit University to gain their Shastri title.

However, the best thing about these brothers is that they are not just on a quest to increase their knowledge on the subject, but to spread this knowledge. They give tuition in the language without taking a single penny from their students.

According to them, Sanskrit is an extremely rich language with various possibilities. They have also designed a 10-day course to this effect. It is their only desire to take the language to various corners of India, so that people can understand its worth even in the modern age.

The brothers also excel in giving lectures on Bhagwad Gita. Their recent lecture in Jamshedpur was hailed by all.