These Tweets Are What We Must Read To Learn About The Reality Of Rape

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 4:34 pm

The problem with us is that we do not understand the word ‘consent’. For the ‘macho’ Indian man, a “yes” means a “yes” and a “no” means a “yes” as well!

This is the 21st century, and many people on this planet are still having a tough time understanding rape and are, therefore, still blaming the victim for the crime. These people feel that a woman’s body is to toy with and that she will ‘enjoy’ it.


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A Londoner who goes by the name @clvrarose took to Twitter to explain very elaborately as to what rape is and what happens when a girl is being raped. She chose to highlight a side of rape which is often misunderstood and is generally used as a defense for the rapists.

Take a look at all 11 of them:

It hurts!

Just a way how the body reacts.


It is not enjoyment, at all!


Not too hard to understand.


Comparing it with tickling.


Reaction to a stimuli.


Understand the effects.


Orgasm is a bodily response.


It can be conflicted.


Once again, it is an involuntary response.


She’s done explaining.


The Twitter user has perfectly explained the natural response to rape, and it is for all of us to understand it. Consent and ‘no’ are not heavy words that one cannot comprehend.

She has said it ALL!