Tweeple Are Slamming Priyanka Chopra And Demanding An Apology For Portraying Indians As Terrorists In ‘Quantico’

1:44 pm 9 Jun, 2018


Priyanka Chopra became an international sensation with her role in the Hollywood show ‘Quantico’. After two successful seasons, the show came back for the third season in 2018, but all was not good for Pee Cee starrer ‘Quantico’ as it was decided by the makers that the show will be cancelled after the third season. However, after the initial successful run of the third season, the recent episode of ‘Quantico’ invited some backlash from the audience.

The reason for the outrage of the viewers is the portrayal of Indians as terrorists who plan a plot to bomb Manhattan, in order to blame Pakistan for the attack. The Indian audience is even more furious as the show stars one of the leading actress of Indian film industry, Priyanka Chopra.



Both ‘Quantico’ and Priyanka Chopra are facing the wrath of the audience all over the world as they have taken their anger to the social media and posted hate comments against the actress and the show.

They are furious at the thought of showing Indians as terrorists who are trying to frame Pakistan for the attack, while Priyanka stayed ‘shut’ and went on with the script.



People are brutally slamming the actress and asking for an apology from Piggy Chops for the wrong portrayal of Indians as terrorists. Many of them are asking the brands associated with Priyanka to ‘boycott’ her!

Take a read at some of the hate comments against Priyanka Chopra:


Her apology is mandatory!

People have questions!


Social media has some suggestions!



That’s outrageous!

That’s the question!

Shame on PeeCee?

She could have!

It is unfortunate indeed!

It does hurt!

What were you thinking PeeCee?

He has a suggestion for Salman Khan:

Who would have thought?!


Incidentally, the makers of ‘Quantico’, ABC has extended an apology asking people not to take it out on actress Priyanka Chopra because ‘she didn’t make the show, nor does she write or direct it’.

But, the important question here is ‘Will Priyanka Chopra’s apology calm the angry people?’ Let’s see!