Google Came Up With New ‘Mandatory’ Gmail Update, And Tweeple Are Slamming Tech Giant For It

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12:41 pm 9 Jun, 2018


Recently, Google has come up with a massive update for its e-mail platform, Gmail. Gmail is one of the most popular and widely used e-mail platforms in the world. As of now, only the personal account holders and company admins who manage company’s G-Suite accounts have been given the choice to carry on with the present (older) version or get the new Gmail update. This Gmail update comes with a fresh look and a whole lot of new features.

These users can use the Gmail update and have the choice of opting out if their experience does not turn out to be good.




However, in a few months time, it is not going to be all the same. In the next few months, Google will push the Gmail update to all the users, irrespective of whether they want it or not, and also whether they like it or not.

This means that all the users of the ‘old’ Gmail, including individuals and companies will be aboard the ‘new’ Gmail. Google has also given a timeline for the same, so as to prepare the users and IT departments for the inevitable changes that will come along with the update.



Presently, the Gmail update is available for companies and users that are participants of the Early Adopter Program. They can opt into the program and also have the option of opting out.



In July, the Gmail update will be available to general public as well. All the company admins and personal account holders will have the option to try the new version.



In August, all the Gmail users will have the option of trying the Gmail update and opting out freely.

In September, all those who haven’t opted to the new Gmail will be pushed in, irrespective of whether they want it or not, but will have an option of reverting.



But from October onward, all those who aren’t using the new version will automatically be switched over to it and the choice of opting out won’t be available anymore!

It looks like social media isn’t very impressed with this idea, as well as the Gmail update. Take a look at the tweets by a few people who have tried the update and disliked it:














However, a few users liked the new update. Check out their tweets below:








What are your views on Gmail pushing its new version onto the users? Do let us know in the comments!