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Turning 30 Soon? Learn To Chill About These 15 Things And Don’t Give A S**T

Updated on 3 September, 2019 at 11:38 am By

As soon as you turn 30, a lot of eyes are going to turn to you and ask – so what’s up buddy? How has life been so far?
Life is not always bunch of roses. What if we still don’t have a dream job or we haven’t found a soul mate? Chill out, you’re still young. Just don’t give a shit and let no one bring you down. It’s all good.

1. It’s absolutely OK not to have any plans for life.


Someone’s a doctor, others have become entrepreneurs, and some are planning to go to the moon – so what?

Yes, it’s absolutely ok to have no plans at all, none of us dropped out of our mother’s womb knowing this is what we want to make of ourselves. Don’t stress, just take one step ahead and life will take you where it plans to.

2. Dream job – does the concept even exist?

Does becoming a doctor, engineer or entrepreneur really sound like dream jobs? To be a doctor means you’ve to cut and dig through the bodies of other humans. What’s dreamy about it? Entrepreneurs are responsible not just for their own livelihood, but that of all their employees – it is not always about heroism.

Just chill, keep calm and sail through the life you have in hand.

does the concept even exist


3. You still haven’t found your soul mate – so what?

That is the least you could be sad about. You will realize this many years later that half of today’s hitch-ups will end somewhere else. Fall in love when the time is right, and when you really start feeling strongly about someone. Till then, fall in love with yourself.

4. Your neighbor’s ugly daughter just got married to the most talented person you know.

If the most talented guy could only find himself the ugliest girl in the whole universe, what does this mean?
He’s probably blind and doesn’t deserve you. Wait a little longer and the right person will knock at your door.

the most talented person you know


5. There is so much about the world you still don’t know. Nor does anyone else.


If you think people know more about the world than you, you’re mistaken. Generally, most people only talk about the things they know, and you are keeping shut because you always think you know less. This is called true humility.



6. Ignore whatever makes you feel like you’re growing older.

In India, your parents and family are likely to declare you an old hound as soon as you strike the age of 30. But, relax, you’re still very young! Just ignore them. It’s your worries that reflect in your graying hair and wrinkling skin. If you don’t worry much, none of these signs will ever show.

7. All the cute guys are young – look around, many hot guys in their 30s and single.

This is a sincere request! At 30, please don’t go hunting for cute guys. It’s the age you should be looking for the hot ones.

Plenty of them actually turn hot only in their 30s. They are done with making careers and settling down in life, and they are most likely to get tangled with you only when they are serious about you.

look around


8. Don’t let your heart break if you still can’t cook well.

Not everyone has the knack to cook food, there’s no big deal in not being a good cook. You can always hire a maid in India to cook, or just go out and eat your heart out on whatever you please.

9. Never let social pressures kill you.

It’s cruel, the number of things the society actually expects from us. By 30 they expect us to get married, have kids, have a house, own a car, be financially stable, and the list goes on.

Why can’t they simply be happy that we’re still breathing? That we’ve survived 30 years in the open cage they call earth?

10. If you’re literally BANKRUPT before your 30th Birthday – it’s a sign you’ve lived life.

The only years when you can earn and throw money is the 20s, when life still hasn’t weighted you down by its compulsions.

If you are returning home bankrupt, but you have lots of stories to tell to your neighbors’ kids and arouse their fancy, you’re richer than most other people your age.

11. You’ve loved and lost and don’t want to live it again.

This is the most cliché thing to happen in the 20s. You fall in love, give it your everything, and one day you find it’s all gone with the wind.

Don’t worry, you’re just 30. There is still a lot of juice in your heart and you’re probably stronger and smarter than before.

12. Talking about friends, stop obsessing over them.

It’s unthinkable that once upon a time we had an endless list of friends, and now there’s no one left to call. It’s not their fault.

Life is hard for everyone just like you. This is the time to really discover the things you like doing without anyone’s influence in your life. Go grab the opportunity.

13. Haven’t you travelled much? It doesn’t make you a loser.

Ask yourself what is most important – to travel to more places or have more experiences?

Stop travelling if it’s only done for bragging to others.

14. I’m yet to do something good for my parents.

I don’t think your parents mind it at all. What they want most from their children is their love and support through the old age, and not material wealth.

Whenever you get a chance make them smile, spend time with them, listen to their problems, and always make them feel wanted.

15. I’m growing fat and lazy. Think again, it’s a stupid block in your head.

You’re growing fat because you no longer take care of your body.

You’re growing lazy, because you are allowing life to weigh you down.


And all this is not because you are turning 30, it’s just a block in the head, cross it over.


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