This Turkish Dance Troupe Performs On Bollywood Numbers But Its Name Is Even More Interesting

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9:00 am 17 Jul, 2017


Who would have thought that a Muslim-majority nation like Turkey would love a the name of a Hindu goddess so much that they would name their dance group after Her? Well, this Turkish dance group is proving that not only it loves all things Indian (read Bollywood) but also the fact that Turkey is only secular nation in the Muslim world of Middle East.


‘Durga’, a dance troupe based in Istanbul, performs on Bollywood songs. The all-female group has named themselves Durga after Goddess Durga who is the epitome of power.

The group was founded in May 2015 by Imrak and Sabriye. The founders are aware that Durga is a Hindu goddess who symbolizes the power of women.


“Durga is the most powerful goddess in Hindu mythology. It is so powerful; far from hatred and pride, and it is peaceful. The name impressed us and so we named our group ‘Durga’”, said one of the founders.


The logo of the dance group is based on the face of Goddess Durga. Facebook

It all started with the Indian movie, ‘Devdas’, and its song “Maar Daala“. The group said that they have been enthralled by the colors, songs and music of Bollywood. They do not understand the lyrics, but they dance to the melody.

The group was so much in love with the movie that they even met Madhuri Dixit to draw inspiration from her. Today they have mastered garba, bhangra, bharatnatyam and many other Indian dance forms.

Sabriye, the group’s leader, said that finding the costumes is the most difficult part. They buy the fabrics and get them stitched in Turkey to tailor-fit each dancer. The group dreams to dance in India and in front of their favorite Bollywood dancers.


getting the right Indian costume is the most difficult thing for the group. Facebook


The group loves to dance on songs like “Chikni chameli” and “Jadoo ki jhappi“. The distance between Delhi and Istanbul is 3,000 miles and if it’s not for the love of Bollywood, then there is no other theory that can possibly explain this love for India!

Check out their video here:

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