British Journalist Tufail Ahmed Mocks At Saree, Gets Taught A Befitting Lesson By Twitterati!

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2:02 pm 4 Jun, 2018


Sari or Saree, a four to nine yard unstitched garment draped in different styles and worn on an upper stitched garment called blouse, is popular in India since ages. Saree, also widely believed to be the traditional dress for Indian women, is worn in almost all parts of the country, though its length and the way of wearing it may differ across states. Pleating one end of Saree around the waist and the other end falling off the shoulder is the most common way of wearing it in India.




Saree is such a treasured outfit of the Indian women that women from all walks of life, from politicians to businesswoman, from doctors to sportswomen and from teachers to actresses, can be seen donning on many occasions. In fact, women’s love for Saree hasn’t been restricted to India only and can be seen in women across the world.



Considering Indians’ emotional attachment with the attire, it is very much understandable that Indians cannot stand anyone criticizing it or making fun of it. Any attempt to do that is expected to face severe flak. This is exactly what happened recently with Tufail Ahmad.



Tufail Ahmad is a British journalist of Indian origin. He has worked for BBC previously. Presently, he is working as a contributing editor at a media house and as executive director for a Delhi based institute. He is also a well-known figure on the social media with close to 80,000 followers on Twitter. Recently, the tweeted a picture comparing the body exposed by a woman wearing a Saree and by one wearing a western outfit. Below is what he had tweeted:


The journalist has invited huge criticism from social media for his comparison. Twitterati have taught him a good lesson by telling him that he has chosen the wrong picture and women in India do not generally wear Saree in the way he has shown. Many people have also satirized burkha, the traditional attire of Muslims. Take a look at few reactions to his tweet below:

Putting the facts about Saree right!




Can’t beat these!








Tit for tat!











Don’t you think Twitter taught him a befitting lesson? Do share your views in the comments section!

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