Why ‘Intellectuals’ Are Returning Awards, Revealed By An NRI Data Scientist

7:59 pm 4 Nov, 2015


In a series of tweets, Dr Gaurav Pradhan, who is a Seattle-based data scientist and a professional speaker, exposed the truth behind the ‘trend of returning award’ as a protest.

Dr Gaurav Pradhan had sent a legal notice to Rajdeep Sardesai accusing him of making a racist comment during this New York scuffle.


He claims that Dadri incident was used as a ‘fool proof issue’


Favours from Congress made reluctant Sahityakars ‘fall in line’


Award returned by Nayantara, the niece of Jawaharlal Nehru, was the turning point in the protest



Writers and journos were hired to build ‘Intolerant’ nation image


Everybody used same word: ‘Intolerant’


US-Pak-Saudi doesn’t want that India get UNSC seat