13 Reasons That Prove A Taurean Is A Friend For Life

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10:00 am 2 May, 2015

It is that time of the year again, when Taureans rule the world. Admired by one and all, they are the most befriended people on the planet.


They can be defined as wise and ardent companions, whom we like to call as our most loyal friends. If you want to live life to the fullest, be sure to have a Taurean as your friend.


A shot of self-confidence is what you can be sure of for a lifetime. But don’t just take our word for it, we have for you 13 Taurean qualities that define a ram precisely.

1. When with a Taurean Friend, attention will come over to you naturally.

When with a Taurean, you need not seek deliberate attention, for they are naturally impressive, and get attention without asking for it. You can simply load onto their wagon, and share this attention.
They really don’t mind it!


2. Taureans are pretty much outspoken, and far far away from diplomacy.

They’re here to make real friends, and don’t mind dolling out frank opinions.


They always give you firms answers and often use short monologues such as Yes, No, thanks to keep it straight and simple.


3. Nothing in the world can disturb the tranquility of a Taurean.

Be sure to get the best advice from a Taurean when the times are testing. Had a fight? They know how to get you out of it with all your teeth intact.
Boyfriend blues? They know how to keep calm and rock your world back again.


4. Need space? Taureans know the value of one’s space and never deprive their friends of it.

They’re cool about you going out for solo trip, or not asking them out for a movie or dinner once in a while. They’re cool about it, and don’t be surprised if they offer to drop you off and pick you up later.


5. Running out of motivation? Female Taureans are a warehouse of strength, willing to shower some of it on their friends in need.


6. Lovers of nature, Taureans are the right company for an offbeat countryside trip.


7. They always suggest the best possible options to their friends.

Whether it is buying clothes and gadgets online, or it checking out online matches for you, a Taurean friend is always going to get you the best choice.


8. The loyalty of a Taurean can be taken for granted for life.

It is the love and the respect of a Taurean, which forces us to ignore the stubbornness and other idiotic antics. When they tells you that they are here, it means come war or storm they will stand right beside you.


9. They love eating and are always up to try something new.

There is little chance to see a Taurean go on diet!


10. Remove clutter from your life, befriend a Taurean.

Get your life planned, organized and executed to perfection in the company of a Taurean.
If you like to set five year and ten year goals, then make your Taurean friend your new guru. The planning and the execution drive them to high levels of excellence.


11. Expect forgiveness innumerable number of times.

Once a friend, always a friend, a Taurean will accept each of your flaws for a lifetime. The unwavering support will surely help you in blossoming into something beautiful and good.


12. There can be no better example of a learner than a Taurean.

The way they cultivate their minds is like a service to look and learn. Leos learn a thing or two, as unlike you Taureans don’t need to put on a show ever.


13. Crack a joke and witness a Taurean roll in laughter.

Taureans will laugh with you, on you and also on themselves. If you want to live life like a winner then take tips from a Taurean. Cancerians I hope you are listening.


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