Donald Trump Advocates Changing Interrogation Laws To Allow Torture Of ISIS Terrorists

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6:59 pm 7 Mar, 2016


After a series of comments in recent months, US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed some changes in interrogation laws that will allow torturing their terrorists.

In an interview, Trump said that as president he would push for change in US laws that prohibits ‘waterboarding’ and other enhanced interrogation methods.


He then went on to add that banning these laws “put US at a strategic disadvantage against ISIS” and they thus need them.



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Waterboarding is a technique that mimics the sensation of drowning.

Besides waterboarding, Trump also advocated that killing of suspected terrorists’ wives and children be allowed.



The latter is in violation of international law, but according to Trump US was being “weak” by not employing these militants’ tactics.


Trump went on to add that US “had to play the game the way they (ISIS) are playing” and that he would fight to expand the laws that regulate these interrogation techniques.

Waterboarding, was banned by Obama back in 2009 when he first become US President.

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