Trump Nightmare Begins; To Deport Or Jail Over 3 Million Immigrants When He Takes Office

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9:22 am 14 Nov, 2016

US President-elect Donald Trump in an interview has said that he will target migrants with criminal records first and would initially deport or jail up to three million illegal migrants in the country.

In an interview which is still to be aired, Trump told broadcasters CBS that he would target migrants who criminal records, such as of being gang members or drug dealers and would deport them or send them to jail.


While news claims there are about 3 million migrants who would be affected by this, US congressional report says there are around 178,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records in the US (till 2010).

According to BBC Trump also spoke about his other election promises in this interview and said his planned wall along the Mexico border could include fencing.


The US- Mexico Border.The Dily Liberator

The US- Mexico Border.The Dily Liberator

In various interviews since being elected, president-elect Trump also said that his future directives would ‘defend the constitutional right to bear arms’, will seek to overturn the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Trump is set take over as the 45th President of the US on 20 January 2017, when Barack Obama will step down from his position.


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