Trump Misquotes Gandhi And Flip-Flops On India. America, You Are Doomed.

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3:00 pm 1 Mar, 2016

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has landed himself in yet another soup.

Trump, who is already quite popular for making absurd and, at times, straight out dumb remarks, recently posted a quote on his Instagram account with a picture of his campaign rally.


The quote in itself is not the problem; what grabbed people’s attention was that Trump attributed it to Mahatma Gandhi.

The quote, though very close to Gandhi’s philosophy of  satyagraha was never spoken by the Mahatma.




The quote is broken rendition of something that trade unionist Nicholas Klein said in 1918.



In the recent past Trump has made many contradictory statements on his views about India.


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First he praised India for ‘doing great’ from the economic standpoint and said that ‘nobody talked about it’.




But just a month later he played turncoat and blamed India (along with China, Japan and Mexico) for ‘ripping America off’.


Mr. Trump can we just ask you how India, while ‘doing great’ on its own from an economic standpoint, be ripping American people off, who, according to you, have ‘come down a long way….and are not respected’?



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