This ‘Trump Approved’ Ad Campaign Targeting Voters Of Indian Origin Will Make You ROFL

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11:41 am 26 Oct, 2016

Social media was recently was hit by a video where U.S. Presidential candidate and Republican nominee Donald Trump is seen campaigning to gather vote from people of Indian origin.

Trump who would soon by facing presidential elections in the US, had attended a cultural event on October 16 in New Jersey.

There he had addressed the Indian Hindu community and said that he loves India and finds them to be “fantastic”.

He had also praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he has great respect for him.

But it seems Trump’s admiration for PM Modi doesn’t just end there as he is now “seen” stealing/borrowing his famous election tag-line which BJP had used during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign.

In this ‘unique’ ad, Trump is seen copying Narendra Modi’s campaign slogan ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkar’ and using it for his own election campaign by saying “Abki Baar Trump Sarkar”.

Though the video’s authenticity cannot be verified, the maker has done a great job of campaigning for Trump…or making fun of him.

The short video begins by wishing people ‘Happy Diwali’, then moving on to Trump saying “Ab Ki Baar, Trump Sarkar”.

However, the audio of the portion in the video showing Trump pronouncing the tagline appears out of sync and broken and editing quality also seems to be poor.

The video has also used short clips from the Hindu event that Trump had attended a week back and where he had praised Hindu community being “fantastic” and praising them for their contributions to the world and the American culture.

“We love the Hindus and we love India…I have big respect for Hindus and India-US would be best friends if I came to power.”

The video since then has gone viral not just in the US but in India as well.

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