True Love Stare Of Tally – The Dog Who Has Forgotten Her Own Identity

2:00 am 21 May, 2014


A beautiful positive energy has filed the surroundings once again. Luckily, we found a husky mix-breed named Tally who grew up in a group of cats and got so much influenced that she is keeping herself lively to enjoy her cat like tendencies. Tally just wants to make sure that no matter what happens, she is never going to forget her BFFs (best friends forever) for life now.

The picture that made her famous

got her famous

Better view of her cat pose


She ended up staying in there for a while


staying in there

She ignores other dogs. She hasn’t seen a cat since adoption. Probably, she misses her kind

misses her kind

Inside box

got her

Closeup of her box

Closeup of her box

Frankfurter dog

Frankfurter dog

Sunbathing like a cat


She’s mildly good at balancing things on her head

good at balancing

In Snow

bury her in snow

A day is not complete without getting into trouble at least once

getting into trouble at least once

Getting into trouble…again




Best buds

Best buds



As a young pup

darkened to black

Already getting into trouble at a young age

getting into trouble

So fluffy!

So fluffy

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nuthin’


How sweet she looks

cold mofo

She’d be moody and snuggled with a bunch of stuffed toys for a week

got her spayed

This is her sofa

her sofa

She’s not allowed to go upstairs.

not allowed to go upstairs

She likes to lie here, observing people and silently judging them all day


completely mute
Credit: Time, Imgur