14 Troubles Every Man Faces Just After Graduation And Before Securing A Job

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9:00 pm 15 Oct, 2015

Well, if girls think that just because we are men, we don’t deserve to be liberated and live life by our own decisions, then they are wrong. Every man has to face several difficulties after he has graduated and before he actually lands up with a paying job. The phase between these two is the most difficult thing that all men have to face. So, here we show you all the troubles we face when we get there:


1. You are going through a depressing phase of your life, and are worried about your future.


2. Even after graduation, you still have moments of confusion about your stream.


3. Friends who are elder to you, underestimate your intelligence and caliber.


4. When your friend secures a good job, your parents start pressuring you.


5. Now you are not given any pocket money like you used to get during college days.


6. Searching an appropriate job for yourself is the biggest chore during this phase.


7. You aren’t going to college anymore so there are no more excuses for coming home late.


8. Relatives and neighbors start talking about your marriage.


9. If your father runs a business, you are forced to run the same even if you are not interested in business formulas.


10. Your father thinks you are useless and good for nothing.


11. When you want some help from your family, they tell you, “Now you are grown up, so you are expected to do your own work.”


12. You are not allowed to go out for late night parties because you are jobless.


13. Close friends who land a job try to show off with their salary and you are underestimated even by them.


14. Your family feels that they cannot face society because you are jobless and an embarrassment.



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