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The Moral Police Trolled Irfan Pathan For Posting A Picture With His Wife On Facebook

Published on 18 July, 2017 at 4:50 pm By

No one is spared from moral policing in India. Whether you are a hit actress like Sana Fatima Shaikh or the wife of one of the most celebrated cricketers from Indian cricket team, a woman cannot justify her relevance without exhibiting sharam, laaj, or haya.

Ace cricketer, Irfan Pathan, recently uploaded a picture on Facebook with his wife, Safa Baig. The cute picture has Irfan smiling ear to ear and his wife covering her face playfully. The picture captioned “This girl is trouble” looks like a harmless attempt at public display of affection, but for some, it was nothing less than blasphemy.



In the past, Mohammad Shami fought with religious bigots when his wife got trolled on social media for wearing a gown. This time, Irfan and Safa are the new targets of online trolls. From preaching Irfan Pathan on how to be a true musalman to hurling abuses for being a liberated human being, people commented on anything and everything. Each element in the picture was ridiculed in the name of Islam.

Mandatory advice on how to “keep” your wife.



Surprisingly, there were some nail-polish police as well.


Those who decided to call out the self-proclaimed moralists.





Patriarchy attacks not only women but men as well. Irfan wanted to share a part of his happy life with his fans but received condemnation for uploading a picture with his wife and what not. Bigotry foiled the beauty of two people celebrating their life together.

Are we going to rise above the orthodox teachings of religious texts or stay in the pit dug ages ago?



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